Introducing DAVID’s new distributor for Austria & Switzerland

David Health Solutions is excited to announce our new distributor for Austria and Switzerland. DOMITNER GmbH is now DAVID’s exclusive representative for these two countries. The team, led by Peter Domitner, has several years of experience in providing customers with comprehensive solutions for device-based exercise therapy.

Introducing DAVID’s new distributor for Austria & Switzerland

Peter Domitner, Founder & CEO, has a background in sports and started his business with a strong focus in sports and fitness. “Early on I was interested in searching for the testing and analytics of fitness equipment”. Soon the business started focusing on active therapy and turned towards the medical exercise industry.


DOMITNER provides a comprehensive offering to customers

DOMITNER puts a great deal of focus on providing customers with a complete and comprehensive solution to exercise therapy needs. “Knowledge transfer is important. We do our best to work together with customers to provide them with the right technology, know-how, and business practices to improve their operations”.


“At DOMITNER, we do our best to provide customers with the right technology, know-how and business practices to improve their operations.”


Peter Domitner knew of the David technology and was formally introduced to David Health Solutions’ Founder Arno Parviainen through a mutual connection, Jean-Pierre Schupp. In addition to this, the partnership seemed natural since a few DOMITNER clients have the David Spine Concept at their clinics and are interested to incorporate other concepts such as the Shoulder and Hip & Knee solutions.

Austria and Switzerland are strong markets for medical training therapy

The Austrian and Swiss markets are receptive to medical exercise therapy, but differences are present. “Medical training therapy is becoming more and more important in this region.” This is seen in the fact that Switzerland has a program wherein insurance pays for 36 sessions of medical training therapy for people with back pain. In Austria, this type of insurance therapy is gaining momentum and may be a reality soon.

A future with better medical exercise therapy opportunities

Peter Domitner believes the current pandemic has only strengthened the need for more medical training. With gyms being at high risk during lockdowns, the mentality has shifted. “Health and fitness gyms are starting to realize the opportunity in offering medical training therapy to patients” says Peter. “This attracts a new customer group, including people with back pain or other musculoskeletal pain problems”.


“This attracts a new customer group, including people with back pain or other musculoskeletal pain problems.”


With opportunities in device-based exercise therapy, these centers gain a more comprehensive business concept. “For us, it’s important to give our clients a 360° service to help develop their business further and provide the support needed to do so.”

We look forward to a successful partnership with DOMITNER GmbH. Visit the DOMITNER webpage for more information. Be sure to check out our distributor page for a full list and links to get in direct contact with our representatives.