EVE Terminal

The EVE terminal is a full-color multi-functional touch-screen. Patients log in to each device with an RFID card. The display is easy to read and self-explanatory. The device settings are automatically adjusted and users receive guidance on correct training parameters.

The program on the screen guides through the training session and gives instant feedback on the quality of the performed training. Instructors can perform isometric and mobility tests easily using the testing view and the results are displayed in real-time. All measurement and exercise data is transferred via a network connection (wireless or wired) to the cloud server and the data can be viewed with the EVE Professional Web Access server software in real-time.


EVE Terminal

Login view

  • Login with RFID
  • Offline login without server connection
  • Offline testing functionality
  • Customizable screensaver animation or image

Selection view

  • Visit selection with support for multiple on-going programs
  • Summary of performed visits

Exercise view

  • Training program settings
  • Visual range-of-motion display
  • Device settings (Actuator settings adjust automatically)
  • All settings adjustable when instructor logged-in
  • All changed settings are automatically stored
  • Automatic training start

Exercise view

  • Graphical range-of-motion display with target limits and warning when limits are exceeded
  • Target speed and workout completion display
  • Duration and repetitions remaining display
  • Automatic range-of-motion and speed adjustment when instructor logged-in

Exercise summary view

  • Graphical representation of performed movements with target limits and speed coloring
  • Training metrics: duration, work, repetitions
  • Compliance training quality indicator that is calculated from work, speed, total training duration and range-of-motion
  • Customers can give feedback on exercise stressfulness. This can be used for automatic load changes with the program rules functionality of EVE Professional Web Access.

Visit summary view

  • Showing all exercises in the current visit: Device exercises, additional exercises and cardio exercises.
  • Visit and individual exercise completion
  • Visit and individual exercise quality
  • Metrics of individual exercises

Isometric test view

  • Customer weight and height input
  • Reference value display
  • Option to hide testing graph while testing
  • Shows the difference of the test value compared to the reference value
  • Up-to 3 tests possible
  • Support for testing in different joint angles
  • Selected test result stored to the cloud (also storing force curve for later use)

Range-of-Motion test view

  • Showing maximum tested range-of-motion values
  • Value reset
  • Sending of test values directly to EVE Professional Web Access

Dynamic fatigue test

  • Testing weight calculation after customer weight and height input
  • Validated dynamic fatigue test protocol for 90 seconds
  • Test stress level input (Borg -scale)
  • Test quality parameters
  • Sending of test values directly to EVE Professional Web Access

Static fatigue test

  • Testing threshold calculation after customer weight and height input
  • Testing until customer unable to hold the threshold level
  • Sending of test values directly to EVE Professional Web Access

Help view

  • General help using the system
  • Language selection: English, German, Dutch, French, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Bask, Chinese, Korean

Logout view

  • Automatic logout when inactive
  • Shows complete and incomplete exercises

Offline functionality (without server connection)

Offline training:

    • Graphical representation of motion
    • Repetition and time display
    • Training summary

Offline testing:

    • Isometric test
    • Mobility test
Dimensions (Width, Length, Height)

LCD Size 10.1" PCAP Touch


Robust Linux operating system for reliability and performance

USB and network upgrade with maintenance mode


Power Requirement: 12V DC input
Power Consumption: 20W


User training session:

Fast RFID login

Shows training load, device adjustments, repetitions

Guides user through entire exercise session

Visual guidance for correct training speed and safe movement range

Provides immediate feedback on user’s session


Customizable look

Secure SSL encrypted communication

Multi-language interface: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese

Finnish, Swedish,  Basque, Korean, Czech, Polish, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian.

(coming soon: Turkish & Arabic)