Additional Exercise Module

Active therapy often includes additional elements on top of pure device-based exercises. The Additional Exercise Module extends the EVE functionality to handle all kinds of exercises and stretching activities. These can be added and managed in customer programs as easily as device exercises. It has a versatile exercise editor that allows for customized exercise creation with instructional images and videos. Large exercise libraries can be organized as favorites and tagged by keywords, target muscles and exercise types. Customers can use the Exercise-Kiosk, Info-Kiosk or their own mobile device to mark the exercises as done. The functionality includes home program management. These can be directly sent out of the system as email attachments or printed out.

EVE Web Access – Additional Exercise Module
  • Complete and individualized treatment planning
  • Creation and management of exercise program
  • Ready-to-use library of common exercises
  • Ability to add any additional exercises for your library
  • Creation of a personal exercise library with images and videos
  • Grouping library exercises as favorites for easy handling
  • Adjustment of sets, direction, and repetition
  • Filter by keywords like positions, types, regions, muscles
  • Capability to send the program directly out of the system as email attachments or print out
  • Import and export of the library
  • Language selection
  • Exercise conjunction with any DAVID devices
  • Interface guidelines of the exercises
  • Collection of performed exercise parameters


Home exercises:

  • Creation of home programs
  • Detailed description of home exercise session
  • Planned training frequency
  • Set of personalized cases
  • Addition of personal notes
  • Enable and disable sessions
  • Capability to edit the session
  • Addition of new exercises
  • Capability to add multiple sessions
  • Capability to send the program directly out of the system as email attachments or print out